Name: Hime.

Personal: heartbinds.

Character Name: Ume Kurumizawa (Kurumi)

Series: Kimi ni Todoke


   Kurumizawa Ume was the only child born to a loving, but very traditional family on the island of Kyushu, right outside of the capital Nagasaki. She was named Ume (lit. plum) because on the day she was born, the plum tree outside of their house uncharacteristically bloomed. 

   Before entering elementary school, Ume’s parents decided to leave the countryside and move to the heart of Tokyo where her grandparents lived. The transition itself was very difficult for Ume, as the city and country had two very different styles. It was during her early years in Tokyo that she had begun to be teased about her name, since it was very old-fashioned and not very girly. As a result, she insisted that she be called ‘Kurumi’ since it sounded much, much cuter.

   When Ume reached middle school, she had become very popular with both males and females because she was both attractive and intelligent. Many of the boys had crushes on hers while most of the girls wanted to be like her. However, despite this, there were many girls that were jealous of her. For instance, she once overheard some girls in the bathroom talking about her since someone their friend had liked supposedly had a crush on Ume. 

   After hearing this, she retreated back to the classroom to try and collect herself, which ultimately failed. She then met Kazehaya (he happened to forget something and come back to the classroom), who seemed worried about her and asked her if everything was alright. His concern made her fall in love with him and she aimed to be his girlfriend from that moment on. Since he had such a refreshing and kind personality, Ume felt that she could win his heart over by being very sweet and friendly to those around her. 

   When Ume entered the same high school as Kazehaya, fully set on winning his heart, she soon found out that he was seemingly interested in someone else. When Ume first laid eyes on Sawako, she became very jealous since she didn’t appeal to anyone at all. As a result of her envy, she made up rumors to try and sabotage Sawako’s friendship with the only two friends she had at the time, Yoshida and Yano. 

   Sometime after, she was discovered and confronted by Yoshida and Yano, to which she admitted that she did indeed start the rumors because she didn’t think Sawako was worthy of Kazehaya. Her true nature as a vindictive person was revealed soon afterwards. 

   Ume sees Sawako as a rival for Kazehaya’s affection and despite her trying to keep on a good face for Kazehaya, she lets her true personality slip out when she is around her. Due to the fact that Sawako is so naive, she doesn’t think Ume comes across as mean at all. This only frustrates Kurumi further since she is trying everything she can to be malicious to her.

   After a while, Ume becomes fed up with Kazehaya’s oblivious behavior to her feelings and ends up confessing to him. She is, of course, rejected as he is in love with Sawako. While this devastates Ume, she realizes that it didn’t matter if she were pretty or kind, because Kazehaya was never looking for that in the first place. She later on becomes ‘friends’ with Sawako and goes as far as to defend her from other people trying to pry into her and Kazehaya’s growing relationship.

   Following the rejection, Ume becomes rather distant with her supposed ‘friends’ and classmates. Despite the fact that they are shocked at her sudden personality change, she is in someway relieved that she can finally be herself. 

Personality: When Kurumi is first introduced in the series, she comes across as a pretty and popular high school student is kinda, caring and very optimistic  She seems to want to always help people and is very intelligent as many people ask her for assistance with school work. It is also implied she is intelligent as she is on the Student Council.

However, despite the fact that she comes across as your average bubbly student, that is not her real nature. In fact, her real nature is hidden due to the fact that she wants to impress Kazehaya.

Underneath her fake persona, Kurumi is actually a very cold and blunt individual who has no regard for anyone’s feelings. She doesn’t hold back what she wants to say and can be brutally honest. She tends to be a bit bossy and won’t hesitate to voice her opinions.

Even though she has a large amount of flaws though, she can be protective when she wants to be. She believes now that honesty is the best policy and you should never try to change for someone else.

Weapons & Abilities: N/A. Since Kurumi is one of the human-human characters, I’m putting her as someone who will be able to keep a look-out for things from the other side.

Grade Level: Junior

Preferred Sector: Segundo.


Roleplay Sample:

The snow that had fallen was still fresh and it crunched beneath her boots, giving off a small echo that felt like it resounded throughout the entire courtyard. The stillness that came with the winter months had finally joined the frozen rain and had come to grace the entire campus. A few stray flakes of white fell from a nearby tree and landed on the pavement before quickly melting; as if they’d never even dropped in the first place.

It didn’t look like there was anyone around despite it being the middle of the afternoon, so Kurumi had decided to take the opportunity to explore the new campus.

She hadn’t come here by choice, necessarily— everything had just exploded all at once and her grandmother had been so appalled that they used most of her savings and shipped her off to this school. Kurumi didn’t need it, that much she was sure of. It was true that she had a bit of an attitude problem, but it really was her grandmothers fault for touching on certain subjects.

There were plenty of things that had happened over the last year that had caused her emotions to shift negatively. It was if she’d lost everything she had worked so hard to obtain. She’d lost the boy she loved, the reputation she’d spent years building up; all for freedom and while she didn’t regret her choice, it was hard sometimes. 

Kurumi paused in the middle of the path and glanced down at a pile of snow that must of been kicked up from earlier. It looked so pure and innocent among this barbaric school. It didn’t belong her and neither did she. Maybe she could convince them to bring her back home, but even then.. no, it wasn’t worth it. At least here she wouldn’t have to pretend to be someone she wasn’t. Here she didn’t need to think of things like rejection and pain.

“It’s cold,” she muttered gently to the fallen snow, bending down to press her fingers into the icy pile. “I wonder if spring will come early this year.”