It was like tunnel vision, he thought. He couldn’t recall seeing anything but the person up ahead. And it wasn’t until he’d had her safely held in his arms that he finally came back to his senses. And so, his recollection ended there. With a somewhat distraught girl in his arms and a crowd of people cheering from the shore. He’d just.. saved a life, didn’t he? Strange. It didn’t feel like he’d really done anything extraordinary. Ah, but now wasn’t the time to think about this.

                  "Just stay calm and hold onto me. We’ll have you back on land soon."

There was not a moment to spare for a reaction as the tremendous wave suddenly came crashing down on her. The sudden burst of energy from the sea knocked her down, allowing her no time to gain her barrings before it swept her up into the current and began to drag her out further from the shore. As if to prevent any chance of her escape, another school of waves followed suit behind the initial one, causing her to be pressed down towards the ocean floor.

In one fell swoop, the gigantic body of water had swallowed her entire being whole.

A few moments later, when the ocean had finally calmed itself, Kurumi suddenly found herself much further away from shore then she ever had been. Almost immediately, panic began to set in and she frantically started kicking with all her might and clawing at the surface. Was this really happening? Was she so cursed that she’d been pulled out this far into the sea with no support? 

When she’d finally managed to snap her head out of the water, she gasped and felt the sudden intake of oxygen burn her throat, traveling all the way down to her chest. It’d all happened so fast that she hadn’t even had a second to take a breath before being submerged. She struggled to call out of help, but the rawness of her throat provided no aid as she continued to frail about 

A minute of desperately trying to attract attention to the crowd along the shore passed painfully slow before the exhaustion finally settled in. Kurumi felt her limbs go numb, unresponsive to her frantic mind and pleas as they smacked the water surface and began to drag her down back towards the bottomless floor. Even her legs had given up on the struggle and cramped up despite the adrenaline rushing through her.

The blonde sputtered as her head sank down back into the ocean, her vision blurring for a few moments as she drank a heavy gulp of saltwater. So, this is really how I’m going to d—

Just as she’d decided that there was no hope left, Kurumi suddenly felt something roughly tug at her and bring her back up to the surface. As she broke through and again choked for air, she felt something warm envelop her and hold her tightly, securely. 

"W-What…" she coughed again, the words hoarse from her dry throat as she attempted to move her body around in her saviors arms. Another violent coughing spell fell over her before she finally managed to weakly grab onto whoever it was that had apparently saved her. "Oh… ugh.."

I’m alive..

The normally stubborn high school girl could only manage a small nod at his words as the pair slowly began to make their way back towards the shore. 



                  "Hn, a cramp, huh? Guess that’s a sign that I should take it easy."

Sosuke took every possible opportunity to train and better himself. Summer Break was no different. Though he’d gladly take some time off of his self imposed training schedule to hang out with Rin, the fiery redhead was busy spending time with his sister for the day. It would have been rude of him to intrude. And who knows? Maybe something interesting might happen today. Ha.. as if.

The gentle waves that crashed along the shoreline left small traces of foam in their wake, covering the wet sand that many children were beginning to dig at. An echo of delightful laughter traveled with the warm breeze, picking up the ends of towels and blankets that tourists were laying out. With the sun high in the sky, shinning down in all it’s summer glory, it truly appeared to be a picture perfect day to have some fun at the beach.

By the edge of the water, a lone figure with blonde hair clad in a white bikini with matching sunhat dug her toes into the tacky ground. 

Truthfully, Kurumi had never really been interested in the beach scene.

She admired how beautiful it looked, of course, as she often dreamed of the day she’d be able to walk alongside it with Kazehaya by her side — though she never had any real passion for the sandy beaches or the sparkling ocean. It was lovely to look at and sketch so she’d be able to make a painting, but it just didn’t hold any real interest for her.

Did it have something to do with the fact that she was less then graceful when it came to swimming? Maybe, but that wasn’t the case today.

Despite her better judgement, her family had encouraged her to join them on their summer trip to the coast. Normally, she’d stay behind in order to finish up any homework assigned to her over the break or find an opportunity to attract Kazehaya’s attention. However, with the wound from her recent rejection still fresh in her heart.. she’d decided to join them for a change of pace.

Kurumi sighed gently, tucking a stray curl behind her ear as she glanced out at the ocean. What was she even doing? Or rather.. what was she going to do now? Her world had revolved solely around Kazehaya for so long that now she felt so disconnected from everything. What was the point of even —

"Huh? .. Oh, my hat..!"

So caught up in her own thoughts, she hadn’t even realized that the wind had picked up until it lifted her sunhat right up from under her and carried it off in the direction of the sea. Without a moment of hesitation, she followed after it and ran out into the ocean.

Luckily, the silly thing had landed about as high as her waist when she’d managed to catch up to it.

The blonde groaned as she slipped into the water and grabbed her belongings, shaking off the access water as she made a turn to go back towards shore. Geez, can I catch a break with anything?!

And of course, the answer was no as shortly after Kurumi turned to march back to her spot on the beach, a giant wave crashed over her and swept her out to sea.

Vermilion Sky! ♔ | open.


The sun was sinking down over the horizon, the day drawing to a close; the calico color spread out over the entire campus. The orange-red hue covered everything in it’s path. The buildings, the streets, the trees, the students— all painted over by the setting sun. The clouds bunched together, swiping across the sky like pumpkin-colored smoke. The student body crowded together in small groups, uncommonly mellow for this time of day, and dispersed out throughout the buildings — most likely all getting ready to retire for the evening.

The laid-back atmosphere was a little peculiar, but the change was a little more then refreshing.

The entire day had been a little more then overwhelming. There had been plenty of things that she had been asked to go over and complete. A few stacks of paperwork to confirm her interest in this university, a couple of different entrance exams and physicals so that she may be placed in her proper classes if chosen, a tour of the school — she’d even been asked to sign if she’d be occupying a dorm nearby or if she’d still be commuting.

It was amazing she’d been able to accomplish so much in such a short period of time. There really weren’t enough hours in the day.

Kurumi heaved a small sigh, watching as her peers passed by her and slowly disappeared off into the setting sun. Most of them didn’t even bother to throw a glance in her direction and none of them seemed to be very interested in trying to talk to her. Not that the blonde particularly minded, as she wasn’t here to make friends.


It was just getting to be that time, wasn’t it? 

The soft summer breeze that floated through the air was usually a sign of good things to come. She’d always enjoyed summer break - mostly as it was time for her to show off cute outfits in an attempt to impress Kazehaya - but now.. it was different.

With her final year of high school just around the corner, she had to think long and hard about what university she’d liked to attend. Did she want to continue her education here in the city or did she want to travel into the country? She could probably even study abroad if she tried hard enough… but none of them seemed right to her.


"Maybe just going to a local one would be best.. I’d like to get out of that house, but I don’t know if I could afford living on my own right now."

The blonde heaved a small sigh, shoulders slipping gently as she made her way off of the campus. Her future was important and she didn’t want to think about anything else, but.. what if she chose a school that she didn’t like? Or what was worse… what if she chose a school where she had to share classes with Kazehaya and Sawako?

What was she going to do if she had to watch them all day like she did now? Her heart was still broken, the pieces unable to be mended quite yet.. but she cou—



"What the—?! 

Obviously distracted by her thoughts, the blonde had no idea that when she’d rounded a corner that she’d be colliding with someone else. She really had no idea that she’d be tumbling down with her bottom smacking against the pavement. 

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9. I don’t have any tattoos right now — I’m really not sure if I want any in the future since I’m not sure I like something enough to have it on me forever.

13. Become a certified school teacher.. EVENTUALLY.

16. THIS ONE IS HARD — maybe a walk to remember or tangle?? howls moving castle is up there too — sighs!


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F A L S E !!

While this girl may appear to have the perfect personality on the outside, she is extremely cunning and deceptive. She becomes threatened easily (especially when it comes to Kazehaya) and often manipulates people. 

Her personality borderlines vindictive, along with plenty of other nasty qualities. 

Send me a misconception you think people have about my character and I’ll explain if it’s true or not


While she skimmed over the dashboard, her first initial thought of everyone being an idiot seemed to of proven itself true. There were so many people obsessed with fighting, swimming pools and after school clubs that she really couldn’t of described it as anything other then idiocy.