While she skimmed over the dashboard, her first initial thought of everyone being an idiot seemed to of proven itself true. There were so many people obsessed with fighting, swimming pools and after school clubs that she really couldn’t of described it as anything other then idiocy. 


Ren always did love long hair for one reason or another. He wasn’t quite sure why, but it was usually just because he found girls with long hair more attractive. Just a simple preference he had—not that short hair wasn’t anything bad. His free hand gracefully moved out and took a few strands, letting it fall as he pulled away carelessly.


“Well, I can’t exactly say that. Some are probably worse than those girls. Ugly thoughts lead to an ugly face, right?” Again, his tone made the words sound acceptable to say as he tilted his head, a smile replacing the smirk on his lips.

"It’s so nice to hear that the rest of your farm animals are more humble," she said politely, though the sarcasm laced with the sentence was painfully obvious. "Did you lock them up in the barn on your trip here?"

She’d spent less then five minutes in this guys presence, but she already decided that she had a strong dislike of him. He seemed like the type that anyone and everyone would flock too - a genuine Casanova who probably offered sweet lines and flowers to his admirers.

The thought of it all made her stomach churn.

 His next statement might of made her laugh had it been in another situation. Ugly thoughts lead to an ugly face, right? How would he feel if he knew that she had fallen into that category not too long ago? She’d been perfecting her appearance and her outside personality for years, all with the lurking intention of dashing others hopes and stealing Kazehaya away. 

And now, when she’d finally accepted herself and her defeat, she felt that looks meant absolutely nothing — her brash personality would shine through and she’d probably just be alone until someone settled for it.

"Hm," she hummed, giving no real acknowledgement to the question and she took a step back to avoid him reaching for her hair again. "Perhaps."

Really — this guy had no idea about personal space, did he? 

"I’m guess you’re what one would call a wolf in sheep’s clothing."

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          It’s already summer vacation and Sawako’s already having so much fun! She’s already hung out with all of her friends, which of course she enjoyed so much — and now she finally gets to see Kurumizawa for the first time in a while!


          K—- Kurumi-chan! Uh, Chizu-chan and Ayane-chan are busy today — it’s nice to see you here, though!

It seemed like bad luck was becoming second nature to her — especially when it came to this type of situation. How many times was she going to have to be reminded of everything that transpired this past semester?

"Yeah, whatever," she replied a bit brazenly, gently pushing her bangs off to the side to tuck behind her ear. "Don’t think I’m going to end up hanging out with you today or anything."

She had more important things to do other then be annoyed by the girls presence — like going to the cafe and getting a giant slice of cake to fill in the sudden gap she felt.

"What are you even doing out here anyway?"



he wasn’t so sure about already wearing his
                swimming attire when  he clearly didn’t need
                to, but as long as nobody was there to judge
                him  sei  had  no    actual  problem  about  it.
                ( only        someone           is        sure        to. )

                                the   boy   sprinted   toward     the   pool   and
                                dove         into         the           water       almost
                                hurriedly   before    returning  to  the  surface.
                                looks like he just performed a splash bigger
                                than    any    splash    he    ever    did    during
                                swimming practice. now all he really needed
                                to worry about was   who accidentally got wet
                                                                                    because of him.

Kurumi sighed heavily, her shoulders slouching in irritation as she watched the entire female student body rush to the railing to watch the newcomers. It wasn’t a surprise that they were attracted to the neighboring school, as the comparison between the two physiques was as if you compared oranges to apples, but she still didn’t find it any less annoying. 

It was especially frustrating considering that being a member of the student council made you partake in these types of events. Who said that they would have to almost patrol the area to make sure no mishaps happened? This wasn’t some kind of show where —

The sudden splash fell on her like a ton of bricks — her entire body becoming soaked from head to toe. A stillness fell over the gymnasium before the blonde took a few steps towards the pool and pointed at the male just surfacing.

"What’s wrong with you?!"

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—The girl piqued his interest immediately, though he could do without the rude comments. Turning to the crowd, he gave a small frown, though it disappeared quickly. “Excuse me, but do you think I am deaf?” For such a rude comment, his smirk remained. “Pardon my French, but please leave now if you make such ugly comments. Ugly thoughts give the person wrinkles and me a headache.”

The girls dispersed soon after, a few mutters being heard. But, that was not his concern anymore. He never pitied anyone besides himself, so this is what he called a simple good deed—sort of. Turning back to the girl, he let out a sigh.

"My, why don’t you say anything about that? It’s pretty annoying."

She watched as the girls gasped and glanced at one another, disappointment clearly shinning in their once hopeful eyes. How could someone so suave suddenly sound like that? Most of them frowned, staring at the pair as they whispered among themselves. The gazes lingered a moment longer before most of them sighed in defeat and turned away to scurry down the street.


"I don’t really care what other people think of me."

The show that she had put on for everyone over the years had been exhausting. It was difficult pretending to like everyone and be friends with everyone; to be polite for the sake of never disrupting the tide that flowed within a high school. 

She had to admit that the swelling pain that was still present in her heart ached from time to time, but it was almost as if her rejection from Kazehaya had opened another door. The weight of the image of who she was supposed to be had been lifted — she no longer had to pretend to be anything that she wasn’t.


"What about you though? Aren’t you sad that you just lost your herd of little sheep?"

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—Visits always did end up like this no matter what he did. Despite being only eighteen, he was asked to go to the music clubs around this area as a bit of extra work—courtesy of his senpai. In reality, it was a job no one else wanted to do. Basically, he just had to answer questions about the idol business. Maybe a few about his specialty instrument—the saxophone.

 Of course, he was being bombarded with questions from the girls. Ren did not mind at all; he loved the attention. Walking in strides, he answered each question without any stutter or fault at all. He had gotten the same questions time in and time out.

A certain girl caught his eye for a few brief moments, to which he greeted with a simple wink and head nod.


“Afternoon, little lamb.”

While several of the females gathered around the tall blonde shrieked in delight when he turned in their direction, Kurumi couldn’t of had a more deadpanned expression on her face if she tried.

Really? Did this guy think that she was going to be swept right off of her feet by a wink and a smooth line? Did he think that she was going to explode with a scarlet tint and nearly faint in his arms? She was really going to have to go find that idiot after this and throw something at him.

"Excuse me? Little lamb?"

She could overhear some of the other girls whisper around her, obviously envious that she’d been picked out of the flock. 

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Geez! A few days into the start of her vacation and she was already seeing familiar faces. She’d been hopping that summer break would be a good chance to finally take some time to herself, but it looked like the pain in her heart wasn’t going to numb itself yet.

"Shouldn’t you be hanging out with your two delinquent friends or something?"