burn my dress.


That was all he could think of to say. She was so cute, with her pinkish cheeks and saying nevermind and it’s okay to refuse. There was no way she didn’t really want this. Kurumi got so embarrassed whenever she talked about her true feelings. 

Now it was hard for him to look her in the eyes. Of course he would look foolish. But…Kurumi would be the only one to see it. If it made her happy…

“Just…don’t pick a sappy song.”

There was no way of hiding the amount of surprise that crossed her face once he replied. She stared up at him with wide eyes, tilting her head to the side just a fraction. Maybe she hadn’t heard him correctly, though she could of sworn he told her not to pick a love song. Was he being serious?

Kurumi blinked a few times before she broke out into a wide smile and nodded happily, obviously delighted. Had he not been having a hard time returning her stare she might of thought that she had been hearing things.

"Okay, wait here."

Without wasting another second, she pulled away from him and picked up her dress as she headed towards the other side of the room. Up against the wall there was an old radio that she had been given when she first moved in. She rarely used it, mostly when she needed some muse for painting, but it was in good condition. 

She flicked one of the switches and turned the knob on the side, searching through some of the stations. A few voices broke through the static before she settled on a dial that played classical music. This would probably be better then anything on the regular stations. Besides, wasn’t this what people usually danced to anyway?

Kurumi returned to Shinjiro’s side a few moments later, unable to contain the happiness swelling inside of her. She never would of thought in a million years that they’d be doing something like this. 

"Are you ready?"

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burn my dress.


Kurumi wasn’t looking directly at him but he was still observant enough to see that look of longing in her eyes. She was more feminine that she divulged. It would have been easy to set the dress aside and ignore it due to its impracticality but she had chosen instead to try it on, without having a guess of where she would ever wear it socially, just for the sake of seeing herself in a more elegant light. He didn’t doubt that she really would enjoy some kind of fancy dinner-and-dance event for the same reason.

“Once is…okay, I guess.”

It would be twice, in his case, but he didn’t want to bring it up. That night wasn’t really a secret, in the sense that he was ashamed or felt guilty, but he was sure it was impossible to put the strange events into words. Or how he felt now, missing someone that he barely knew. It didn’t make sense so he didn’t try to force it into a shape the real world could recognize.

The fact that he considered dancing at all made her feel rather happy, let alone saying that once would be alright. She wasn’t sure if he knew that she intended on dancing with only him if she were to ever wear this dress again, but she liked to think so. Kurumi gave his hands a gentle squeeze, swaying them back and forth for a second before she shyly glanced up at him.

”.. C-Can we dance now?”

Her cheeks began to heat up again, but she did her best not to tear her gaze away from him. She couldn’t keep looking the other way whenever she was embarrassed. He was her boyfriend, right? Even though she wasn’t use to all the things that came with having one, she still wanted to be with him and share nice moments like this. She just had to take one step at a time.

"Erm, I mean. I-If you want to and all.. if you don’t, that’s fine too." she blinked a few times, wondering if she wanted to use up that ‘once’ here and now. There wasn’t any music playing and the room they were in wasn’t all that big so it’d probably be hard to spin around.

”.. Uhm, nevermind.. that was silly to ask.”

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Boiling Point ‼


Shuren peered inside, seeing that the lady and their boss was in there. It looked like going inside was no longer an option. Damn humans.

“Tch, it wouldn’t matter how many layers of clothing I wear; I’d still be cold,” he told her pointedly. “Besides, I had to wear this thing despite telling her I despise the cold.” Then again, he was from Hell, which was always hot and comfortable. Until Hell’s Will captured you, that is.

Looking to the old lady, Shuren didn’t even bother to hide his scowl. Besides, the girl he was talking to wasn’t bothering to hide her expressions, either.

“As for your previous question; I simply wanted to get inside and get warm, but it seems like that’s no longer an option.” He tilted his head slightly. “I assume you’re a student here?” he asked as he observed her. “I haven’t seen you before, but seeing as how you’re working here against your will, I would presume you’re with the ‘school’.”


The word ‘school’ wasn’t something she would associate with Shibuku though. She thought it more to be a row of buildings run by a bunch of idiots in the middle of nowhere. She couldn’t recall the last time a proper class had been taught nor when there had actually been a full class in one of the rooms to learn anything. Most of the delinquents hung around the campus causing trouble to pass the time.

Kurumi moved to tuck a lock of blonde hair behind her ears, eyes moving away from the male in front of her to the surrounding scenery. Since it was starting to get late, she doubted many more people would be out for a bath. Hopefully that old bat would allow her to go inside soon.

"To make things worse, it looks like we won’t even be going back for a few days," she let out an aggravated sigh. She’d thought it was a one night kind of thing, but from the looks of it— she’d be working here the next few days. "How did you manage to get stuck here anyway? Most of the workers are female."

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burn my dress.


He hadn’t realized that he had been holding his breath until he felt Kurumi return the grasp of his hand and knew she understood that he meant it. She felt tiny and warm when they were joined like this and it reminded him of how she considered being with him to be her safe place. 

Having both her hands in his while she was in that special dress made him think that they should be dancing. But he was terrible at it…and would feel pretty silly trying to fake it. Kurumi echoed his thoughts as she had on other subjects, which in itself was reassuring. 

“You’d really wanna go to somethin’ like that?”

His tone was more amused teasing than sarcasm. Shinjiro might be convinced to attend if she put a great deal of effort into changing his mind but he was still averse to looking ridiculous in public.

Wasn’t that kind of thing a fairy tale dream that every girl had? To be dancing with the person they thought to be the most important in a sea of unknown faces while wearing fancy clothes? Forgetting about the rest of the world and just relishing in the fact that you could be in that special persons arms at the stroke of midnight?

While her imagination wasn’t any where near that extravagant, Kurumi was still a girl and things like that did cross her mind every now and then. Though it probably wouldn’t be anything like Cinderella, the idea of going to something like a ball with Shinjiro wasn’t completely absurd to her. 

"Uhm.. I think it would be fun to go at least once.." she admitted, skirting her gaze away from him. Kurumi had never really been into things like that, but it didn’t stop her from thinking that it’d be nice. Not that she thought he would be on board with the idea. "I don’t think I’d be any good at dancing though."

The Viennese Waltz didn’t seem like Shinjiro’s forte either. She’d never set foot on a dance floor like that before nor had she ever taken any professional classes. Her family had always been more traditional, so the idea of getting all dressed up for a night of twirling around was about as foreign as para-sailing. Not to mention that she couldn’t imagine herself doing all sorts of steps in a pair of heels.

Maybe she’d get her shot in another lifetime when they made shorter stilettos.

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Boiling Point ‼


As he turned the corner, he noticed a girl standing near the enterance, her expression easily matching his own at the moment. So she got stuck out here as well? He was also willing to bet that she wanted to be in the hotsprings as well.

Realising that he was just standing there and staring, Shuren moved over towards her and the entrance of the hotspring.

“If only,” he replied, wrapping his arms around himself. “Sadly I’m working here as well. Though we could always step inside for a moment.” He didn’t care that his words sounded off; he wanted heat and he wanted it now.

The second that the male identified himself as a worker and not as a guest, Kurumi stopped with her ridiculously large smile. No point in keeping up that act if it wasn’t worth anything. She tilted her head for a second to look past him, attempting to see if any guests were coming before she refocused her attention. Amber hues scanned over the male before she shifted her weight from side to side. 

Was he someone who attended the school? She didn’t recall seeing him anywhere on campus before nor had she had a run in with him previously. Perhaps he was a transfer student? Possibly. Not that she particularly cared. When one attended a reform school, you didn’t exactly want to go around meeting new people.

She didn’t even try to hide the deadpan expression that followed his offer. Step inside for a few minutes? Wasn’t this one of those ‘stranger danger’ things? She’d been told that if a male guest were to ask her to accompany her somewhere, they she must alert one of the other members who were working. Did that count for male co-wokers as well?

"If you’re supposed to be working, then why aren’t you at your post? That bossy old hag who’s in charge of the hostesses told me not to move from this spot," she gestured to the inside doors where an older woman sat at a desk, clearly disgusted with everyone walking by. Kurumi turned her head back towards Shuren, observing his frigid state. "You should of dressed warmer if you knew you’d be outside."

Not that she was one to talk.. but she hadn’t been aware of what post she’d take. Most of the other girls were taking meals to the rooms inside. She’d been the only one to luck out with directing guests here and there.

Boiling Point ‼

The steam that lifted off of the hot spring wafted around the area, leaving a thin blanket of smog to circle around the guests. The pitter-patter sound of footsteps echoed along the wet cobblestones that lead to the open the bath. They mixed together with the faint hints of quiet laughter, creating a serene aura— a sure sign that the guests were enjoying themselves. 

Not much further away, one could see The Lodgings lit up in all of it’s traditional glory. The small paper lights that adorned the pathway to the rooms flickered here and there from the winter breeze. Some of the grounds-people walked around with expensive looking kimonos, greeting each guest as they walked by. 

It truly was a magnificent sight. And since it wasn’t all that windy that evening, it was a perfect chance to enjoy the beautiful and natural scenery.

"The inside bath is down the hall and to the right.. if you need anything at all, do not hesitate to call for me. Please enjoy your stay."

Erm.. If you weren’t one of the hostesses, that is. 

Kurumi stood at a small fork in the pathway outside, dressed in an elegant black and pink flowered kimono that she hadn’t intended to be dragging on the ground. Her hands were neatly folded together, her stance ever so proper and poise. Never did she think that those lessons in proper etiquette would of come in hand. Blonde locks were done up into a tight bun, her bangs swept over to the side and pinned above her ear with a cherry blossom kanzashi.

She really would of looked like a doll had it not been for the clearly aggravated look on her face.

Once the guests who she’d been speaking to rounded the corner, the blonde let her shoulders slouch just a bit. Her expression grew even darker then it had before and she glared at an innocent pile of snow a few feet away from her.

How humilating. She’d only agreed to this trip because she had thought that this would be a nice break from everything about that school. It’d been years since she’d been to a proper hot spring, so that was why she’d signed up for it. Little did she know that she had actually been deceived.. no one mentioned working at one. She’d even brought a whole bag full of nice clothes to wear for dinner— and now she was out here in the cold, getting the ends of her kimono wet.

Before she had a chance to curse whatever God that was laughing at her, she heard the sound of wooden shoes against the ground. No doubt another idiotic customer who had no common sense. Where was the indoor bath? Obviously inside.

”.. Welcome to the Hot Springs. May I be of some assistance to you this evening, honored guest?”

In which Kurumi-mun will forever torture her precious baby by making her a bath attendant. Please don’t forget that if you anger this blonde, she might push you into the hot bath without any signs of compassion.

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burn my dress.


She may not have expected it but he did accept her apology, entirely. He stood up while still holding her hand. Shinjiro didn’t need to say anything else. There was no reason to make Kurumi dwell on how she felt so this time the change of subject wasn’t evasive but an expression of wanting her to know that everything was fine now.

“Could you keep the dress on a while longer? I’ll help you out of it if you can’t stand it, but…you really do look beautiful.”

Kurumi returned the pressure applied by his hand, shifting her fingers so that they intertwined with his. Even though his were a great deal bigger then hers, she felt the spaces between fit perfectly for her own digits. She swung their hands back and forth gently, looking away from him for only a moment to examine her dress.

The fact that he had said she looked beautiful was enough to make her forget all about whatever it was they were fighting about. He had absolutely no idea how much relief had washed over her after he’d answered her.

"I’ll keep it on for as long as you like," she replied happily, unable to hide the smile that plastered itself all over her face. If he thought she looked so nice in it, she’d wear it for as long as she could. Kurumi reached her free hand out and took his own, slipping her fingers between his like she’d done a few moments ago. "I really like this dress, but it makes me feel like I should be at some big fancy ball."

She laughed, imagining herself twirling around on a marble dance floor. How funny would it be if they actually went somewhere like that? Now that she thought about it, she couldn’t see him being coordinated enough to know any sort of waltz. He might of been an expert in the kitchen, but the blonde had a hard time thinking he was any good at dancing.

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burn my dress.


As soon as he heard her becoming unable to control the volume of her voice everything he thought to say vanished. It didn’t make him regret letting her know how he felt but he couldn’t continue repeating himself when she wasn’t thinking straight. Nor did he want to cause her emotions to get even more volatile. He waited for her to get it all out but didn’t speak immediately.

“If you get some tweezers I can bend the metal back into place.”

He wasn’t good at this sort of thing. Saying what he felt or what he wanted. Coping with what someone else felt and wanted. If he hadn’t said anything she wouldn’t have become upset but then this sense of being taken for granted would never go away. All he wanted was for her to understand that asking him to do something made him feel needed, but telling him to do something made him feel unappreciated. He didn’t know what to do now, so he pulled away. 

She didn’t like that he’d changed the direction of the conversation even though it was for her benefit. She didn’t want anything to be left unresolved until later. It wasn’t like Shinjiro to drop the subject either, so that was starting to make her worry. Was it really that upsetting that she’d done that? It wasn’t like she’d done it on purpose or with bad intentions, it’d just been a huge miss-communication.


Part of her didn’t want to have him fix the dress now. If he was successful in helping her take it off, then what reason would there be for him to stay? She didn’t want him to leave after they’d argued. It was highly doubtful that this was something that could be worked out over a phone call or swept underneath the rug to be forgotten about.

Kurumi moved away from him and stepped in front of one of the drawers of the desk, opened it up and began to search through it. She had tweezers in the bathroom, but wasn’t sure if she wanted to leave the room yet or not. Leaving made her feel like she was trying to run away from the problem.

”.. I’m.. sorry about what I said,” she cleared her throat after a long pause, eyes still fixated on the objects in the drawer. Her fingers brushed over some spare paintbrushes that had been lying around. “I didn’t mean to scream at you. Or make it seem like you were a lapdog or anything. I was being..”

She attempted to find the right word for it. What would be right for the situation? Stubborn? Melodramatic? Arduous? Senseless? A complete and utter bitch even when she was trying to ask for help? 

”.. stupid and irrational. You mean a lot to me and I don’t want you to think that I enjoy ordering you around or something. I just.. got upset cause I couldn’t take it off by myself and then when I wrote that to you, I wasn’t thinking and it made things worse. I’m sorry, okay?”

The last thing she wanted was for him to think she didn’t appreciate everything he did for her. Even the things he didn’t know that he did— always being there, talking to her whenever she was upset, making her laugh even when she was mad.. it all meant a lot to her. 

Surprisingly, she managed to find a pair of tweezers at the far right of the drawer. Kurumi pulled them out and offered them out to him. She didn’t expect him to accept the apology as easy as the metal prongs, but at least she’d sucked up her pride and said her piece. 

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