burn my dress.

It was a beautiful piece of tailored work— something fit for a princess.

The soft white petals that fell above the sheer net reminded her of the fluffy snowflakes that were falling peacefully outside. They were layered on top of one another, but appeared to be light. She could tell just by looking at it that it wouldn’t be too heavy to move around in.

Her eyes traveled from the modest covering of the chest area down towards were the middle was tied with a silky ribbon. She nodded approvingly. The lavender bow that hung loosely around the waist really gave it a nice splash of color. 

As someone who came from a prim and proper background, one might assume that Kurumi would enjoy this type of thing. She did dress rather girly after all— not completely covered in frills from head to toe, but she was by no means a tomboy. Most of her wardrobe consisted of skirts and stockings, neatly pressed shirts and cardigans. Her summer attire wasn’t even really all that casual; countless sundresses that hung in the back of her closet in bags. Even the kimonos she wore for festivals back home were a bit luxurious, though they weren’t what one would consider loud. 

For someone like her to receive a dress that looked like it was made for a dignified member of the social elite really wasn’t that surprising. What was surprising though was that she had received it a few days after Christmas from someone who she could of sworn wanted nothing to do with her.

The blonde huffed, reading the card over one more time before tossing it onto her bed. Don’t use it wastefully. How did one even use a dress wastefully? It wasn’t like she was going to go prancing around in the snow banks with it on. In fact, it wasn’t like she was even going to wear it at all. She’d been so wrapped up with things (school work, art club meetings and trying to get used to the fact her and Shinjiro were on a new intimate level) that she’d completely missed the winter dance. And it wasn’t like there were any formal events going around either— this was a reform school, not a private academy!

"She sends me something for the first time in years and it’s something I can’t even use right now." Kurumi glared at the floor, moving her feet back and forth over the carpet. She would of preferred new art supplies or maybe even some money to go into town with, but no. She got a ball gown that she couldn’t even wear. Since when did her family want her to wear anything remotely modern? If anything, she thought she would of recieved a new kimono as reconcile for not being able to visit the shrine on New Years like she did every year.

Her hues went from the ground back to the dress. Did it even fit? There was no way her grandmother knew what size she was. “It looks nice in the bag, but I doubt it’ll look half as good on me. She’s so old-fashioned that it’ll probably flare out like something from the renaissance.”

Without so much more as a moment of hesitation, Kurumi moved towards the bag and quickly went to work on putting the dress on. She tugged at her hair when she’d managed to get into it, pulling it up into place and moving the petals around. Her fingers made quick work of readjusting the bow and she feathered out the netting beneath the material.

.. It actually does look pretty nice. She blinked a few times, going over herself in the mirror when she made sure the dress was secure. She had assumed that it would drown out what little curve she had to her figure, but it actually.. made her look and feel like she’d added weight in all the right places. Proudly, she patted her not-so-flat looking chest and beamed in the vanity. Looks like that old bat actually did something right for once.

Kurumi didn’t want to stay in the dress for very long - she didn’t want to ruin it by letting it trail across her floor where paint may be scattered about - so after about five minutes of admiring herself, she moved her hair to one side and reached for the zipper.

The zipper that was currently not budging so much as a millimeter. Startled, she let her hands drop for a few seconds before she went back to trying to pull down the dress. Tug here, pull there— it didn’t even move. T.. There’s no way I gained any weight, so it has to come off! It’d been easy enough to put on, but maybe the hook had been stuck between something once she’d moved it up? Was the material snagged in the line?!

After maybe ten minutes of doing everything she could to rip the thing off of her (she’d even tried to pull it over her head to no avail), she decided that it was time to call for an S.O.S. Kurumi picked up her dress and all but ran to her desk where she scooped up her phone and frantically punched in a distress call to her bear in shinning fur.

 I need you to come over and help me take off my clothes.

Being as hysterical as she was, she didn’t even realize that the little message she had just sent to him might of not been the best explanation. In fact, to the naked eye, it might of seemed like something much more then just an innocent cry for help..

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