Boiling Point ‼

The steam that lifted off of the hot spring wafted around the area, leaving a thin blanket of smog to circle around the guests. The pitter-patter sound of footsteps echoed along the wet cobblestones that lead to the open the bath. They mixed together with the faint hints of quiet laughter, creating a serene aura— a sure sign that the guests were enjoying themselves. 

Not much further away, one could see The Lodgings lit up in all of it’s traditional glory. The small paper lights that adorned the pathway to the rooms flickered here and there from the winter breeze. Some of the grounds-people walked around with expensive looking kimonos, greeting each guest as they walked by. 

It truly was a magnificent sight. And since it wasn’t all that windy that evening, it was a perfect chance to enjoy the beautiful and natural scenery.

"The inside bath is down the hall and to the right.. if you need anything at all, do not hesitate to call for me. Please enjoy your stay."

Erm.. If you weren’t one of the hostesses, that is. 

Kurumi stood at a small fork in the pathway outside, dressed in an elegant black and pink flowered kimono that she hadn’t intended to be dragging on the ground. Her hands were neatly folded together, her stance ever so proper and poise. Never did she think that those lessons in proper etiquette would of come in hand. Blonde locks were done up into a tight bun, her bangs swept over to the side and pinned above her ear with a cherry blossom kanzashi.

She really would of looked like a doll had it not been for the clearly aggravated look on her face.

Once the guests who she’d been speaking to rounded the corner, the blonde let her shoulders slouch just a bit. Her expression grew even darker then it had before and she glared at an innocent pile of snow a few feet away from her.

How humilating. She’d only agreed to this trip because she had thought that this would be a nice break from everything about that school. It’d been years since she’d been to a proper hot spring, so that was why she’d signed up for it. Little did she know that she had actually been deceived.. no one mentioned working at one. She’d even brought a whole bag full of nice clothes to wear for dinner— and now she was out here in the cold, getting the ends of her kimono wet.

Before she had a chance to curse whatever God that was laughing at her, she heard the sound of wooden shoes against the ground. No doubt another idiotic customer who had no common sense. Where was the indoor bath? Obviously inside.

”.. Welcome to the Hot Springs. May I be of some assistance to you this evening, honored guest?”

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