Boiling Point ‼


Shuren peered inside, seeing that the lady and their boss was in there. It looked like going inside was no longer an option. Damn humans.

“Tch, it wouldn’t matter how many layers of clothing I wear; I’d still be cold,” he told her pointedly. “Besides, I had to wear this thing despite telling her I despise the cold.” Then again, he was from Hell, which was always hot and comfortable. Until Hell’s Will captured you, that is.

Looking to the old lady, Shuren didn’t even bother to hide his scowl. Besides, the girl he was talking to wasn’t bothering to hide her expressions, either.

“As for your previous question; I simply wanted to get inside and get warm, but it seems like that’s no longer an option.” He tilted his head slightly. “I assume you’re a student here?” he asked as he observed her. “I haven’t seen you before, but seeing as how you’re working here against your will, I would presume you’re with the ‘school’.”


The word ‘school’ wasn’t something she would associate with Shibuku though. She thought it more to be a row of buildings run by a bunch of idiots in the middle of nowhere. She couldn’t recall the last time a proper class had been taught nor when there had actually been a full class in one of the rooms to learn anything. Most of the delinquents hung around the campus causing trouble to pass the time.

Kurumi moved to tuck a lock of blonde hair behind her ears, eyes moving away from the male in front of her to the surrounding scenery. Since it was starting to get late, she doubted many more people would be out for a bath. Hopefully that old bat would allow her to go inside soon.

"To make things worse, it looks like we won’t even be going back for a few days," she let out an aggravated sigh. She’d thought it was a one night kind of thing, but from the looks of it— she’d be working here the next few days. "How did you manage to get stuck here anyway? Most of the workers are female."

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