burn my dress.


That was all he could think of to say. She was so cute, with her pinkish cheeks and saying nevermind and it’s okay to refuse. There was no way she didn’t really want this. Kurumi got so embarrassed whenever she talked about her true feelings. 

Now it was hard for him to look her in the eyes. Of course he would look foolish. But…Kurumi would be the only one to see it. If it made her happy…

“Just…don’t pick a sappy song.”

There was no way of hiding the amount of surprise that crossed her face once he replied. She stared up at him with wide eyes, tilting her head to the side just a fraction. Maybe she hadn’t heard him correctly, though she could of sworn he told her not to pick a love song. Was he being serious?

Kurumi blinked a few times before she broke out into a wide smile and nodded happily, obviously delighted. Had he not been having a hard time returning her stare she might of thought that she had been hearing things.

"Okay, wait here."

Without wasting another second, she pulled away from him and picked up her dress as she headed towards the other side of the room. Up against the wall there was an old radio that she had been given when she first moved in. She rarely used it, mostly when she needed some muse for painting, but it was in good condition. 

She flicked one of the switches and turned the knob on the side, searching through some of the stations. A few voices broke through the static before she settled on a dial that played classical music. This would probably be better then anything on the regular stations. Besides, wasn’t this what people usually danced to anyway?

Kurumi returned to Shinjiro’s side a few moments later, unable to contain the happiness swelling inside of her. She never would of thought in a million years that they’d be doing something like this. 

"Are you ready?"

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