burn my dress.


The music had a sweet, lighthearted melody. Not something he would listen to for fun but it was well-suited to dancing. Shinjiro looked at Kurumi’s joyous face for a beat, only looking at her appreciatively for a moment before answering.

“Not just yet,” he said while approaching her, then loosely wrapped his arms around her waist. Shinjiro placed a light kiss on the top of her head. “I wouldn’t do this for nobody but you.” 

Now he was ready.

Despite the fact that she was the only one dressed up and the music that was floating through the air was from a radio and not a live band, it still felt very romantic— almost like they were at a real ball.

Kurumi sighed happily, reaching up so her arms encircled his neck and she was able to pull them closer together. While she was usually somewhat shy when it came to physical contact with him, there was no trace of any sort of embarrassment on her face. Not an ounce of hesitation. She knew that chances like this didn’t come around very often for them. Not because she didn’t think they’d ever dance somewhere again, but she figured that having him dance in public would be a lot more difficult then convincing him to dance inside a secluded room.

It was better to just soak up every last drop of it now and enjoy the moment.

"You better not be doing this for anyone but me," she said softly, glancing up at him while her fingers played with some of the hair at the nape of his neck. She let the music be the guide for their dancing. The melody wafting around and gently swaying them from side to side. "Just don’t spin me into the wall or something."

She let out a bit of a giggle as she guided them back across the carpet, mindful of her dress. Kurumi didn’t think he would ever let such a thing happen on purpose, but she wasn’t even sure if they could cross the room together yet— let alone do something like a twirl. That felt more like a disaster waiting to happen then anything. 

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    This close together he could detect her perfume (or maybe it was just her shampoo) but Kurumi’s exceptional femininity...